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My "NSD is running.." issue has been solved !
~Sean Chuniplopader 01/08/2004 03:38 AM
Notes Client 6.0.3; 6.0.2 CF2; 6.0.2 CF1; 6.0.2; 6.0.1 CF3; 6.0.1 CF2; 6.0.1 CF1; 6.0.1; 6.0 Windows XP; Windows NT

Symptom :
Recently whenever I open my email box, few minutes later will always receive "NSD is running..." message and Notes has been closed immediately...
Configuration : (R6 + XP )

Solution :
Check printer setting, is your default printer is a valid printer ? I mean mabye it has been removed out. My case is that the deault printer has been removed. Once I chaged deault printer to a valid one. No "NSD is running " happends !
I have also take a try with my another PC, which is NT OS + R6 Notes. The result is more worse, the whole system will crash and need to reboot. However if I change the default printer back, it's ok again !
Just for all of you reference !

PS : actually I learn the solution from this forum, someone ever mentioned printer issue )

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